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What to do if you can’t afford a new roof?

It can happen to the best of us, and it’s not fun. We get a hefty rainstorm, or maybe it’s just that time of year when leaves fall from the trees and cover your roof and all of a sudden you realize that you really need to start looking into getting a new roof put on.

But what if money is too tight for you to do so? That’s where we come in! The folks here at Fair and Square Roofing specialize in roof replacement for clients who are looking for a fix. The quality of our work is only one perk here; we are here to introduce an even better solution: financing your roof.

Financing your Roof when you can’t Afford One

The aging and damaged roof requires immediate attention and waiting for the next big paycheck will be a deadly mistake. But being short on the budget is not an issue when you choose Fair and Square Roofing. The company offers an easy financing plan so you can invest in things that matter the most, like your roof.

The cost of major repair may easily exceed $1200 and we all know the cost of the new roof is higher than this estimation. So, the best available option is to finance your roof.

How can you Finance your Roof?

We understand the challenge faced by homeowners when it comes to the high costs of roof replacement. So, we have a long-standing partnership with FinanceIt Canada to ensure that our customers get the best financing plans to cover the roof replacement cost.

Fair and Square Roofing ensures the quickest approval of the financing application for clients. Anyone can apply for roof financing under the banner of Fair and Square Roofing.

Why Fair and Square Roofing Finance Plan is better?

You need immediate approval for the financing. Strong business relations with FinanceIt Canada allow us to get quick approval for our clients. The salient features of roof financing through Fair and Square Roofing include:

  • Affordable and customized payment plans as per your requirements
  • Finance approval without a hefty down payment
  • Quick and smooth approval for your roofing project
  • Lower interest rates as compared to the market
  • No hidden penalties or additional costs involved
  • Plans made to facilitate Fair and Square Roofing clients

There are some other options too like borrowing money, asking for help from your friends or saving money. Let’s face the music because we all know these methods are not going to work when you should be already calling us at Fair and Square Roofing.

Fair and Square Roofing- Your Roofing Partner

Being the highest-rated roofing company in the area, we are committed to providing the community with the best services at the most competitive prices. Once you have decided to get the new roof, Fair and Square Roofing won’t let anything stop you from getting a new roof, not even a shortage of money.