Can I get my roof replaced in winter?


At Fair and Square Roofing, we believe in offering services that are best possible for our customers and the roofers. As a reputed roofing company in Canada, we never risk the safety of our roofers and we highly recommend getting your appointment early.

Apart from the safety of the installer, there are certain materials used in the roof replacement that require controlled temperature and environment. Any other roof installer may recommend roof replacement in winter but Fair and Square Roofing experts appreciate bookings of the springtime.

Why roof replacement in winter is a bad idea

Be sure to prepare your home prior to the new roof installation so that it doesn’t get damaged during installation or while workers are at your residence. In winter, weather conditions don’t support the installers and you may not get the desired results due to bad weather. Here are further reasons why you should book earlier:

1. Winter is not the best time to Install New Roof

Before choosing the time of the year for roof replacement, please make sure that you have already hired an experienced roofing contractor for this purpose. The extremely cold weather and snowfall in Canada during winter can disrupt your schedule of activities – both at work and home.

2. Workers on Tour

After getting snowfall, it can be difficult to find workers who are physically fit enough and willing to install the new roof on your home or office building. 

3. Not safe for the installers

At Fair and Square Roofing, we work as a family where we will never risk the safety of our team. For the sake of a better and safer community, we highly recommend choosing an early booking for roof replacement in springtime.

4. New Roof Installation Cost is Hiked

It is difficult to know exactly what a roof will look like if it is installed during the winter season. The added hazards and difficulty to estimate and replace can make winter installations costly.

5. New Roof Installation is a Delicate Job

Installing a new roof in winter is a delicate job and shingles can get easily damaged. In case you have something more to learn about roof replacement costs, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our representatives.

Let’s Protect your Home and our Installers

Roof installation in winter is a risky job because the surfaces are more slippery and the risk of an incident is higher. For these reasons, we encourage you to get in touch with the Fair and Square Roofing consultant so that we can book a slot that suits you the best. Happy Roofing!