FAQs About a New Roof in Edmonton, Alberta

FAQs About a New Roof in Edmonton, Alberta

Alberta has its good share of weather changes, which is why your roof should be prepared for whatever hits. From hail in the summer to heavy snow and ice dams in the winter, the weather will take a toll on your roof no matter how well it’s installed. 

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding roof replacement. 

Do I Need a Repair or Replacement?

There are instances like a couple of missing shingles or a small leak that will require repair. However, more severe issues like sagging or missing granules will typically result in a roof replacement. 

Not sure which service you need to schedule? Get in touch with experienced roofers in Edmonton to learn more. 

What are the Signs of a Failing Roof?

Missing or damaged shingles is a sign that your roof is reaching the end of its lifespan. Other signs that indicate a replacement is near include missing granules, algae, and mold growth in the attic. If you see any water damage inside your home or attic, it may also be a sign that your roof is compromised.

Sometimes it’s easy to miss these signs, especially if you cannot climb on top of your rooftop to take a better look. In this case, you should leave this task in the hands of professional roofers in Edmonton. They’ll assess your roof and let you know if there’s any reason for concern. 

When is the Best Time to Replace My Roof?

The most common time for replacement is in the spring and late fall. Replacements are possible during the wintertime, but you’ll want to be sure the Edmonton roofers hired are experienced enough to install a new roof without damage from cold temperatures. 

Will a Replacement Lower My Energy Bills?

When your homes ventilation system isn’t functioning like it’s supposed to, it causes the HVAC system to work harder than it needs to, leading to higher energy bills. If your roof is underperforming, replacing it will help lower your energy bill. 

There are a few reasons why your energy bill may be higher than normal. Perhaps the shingles aren’t reflecting solar light away from your home. Instead, they may absorb sunlight and transfer heat into your home. Dark shingles absorb more heat, so consider that when speaking to Edmonton roofing companies. 

How Much Does a New Roof Cost?

The cost to replace your roof depends on the materials you go with, the size of your roof, and your location. On average, you can expect to pay around $8,000. Again, this depends on the quality of the materials you choose. 

Are you on a tight budget? Edmonton roofers will typically recommend asphalt shingles. They’re affordable and come in several colors. Get in touch with roofing in Edmonton experts to learn more. 

Final Thoughts

Don’t compromise the performance and security of your roofing in Edmonton. If you need a new roof, contact roofers in Edmonton immediately. Trustworthy companies often offer payment plans to ease the financial burden. Reach out to Edmonton roofers to learn more!