How Snow and Ice Impact Your Roof

How Snow and Ice Impact Your Roof

Winter in Alberta, Canada, drives snow, ice, and slush onto roofs and can cause stress that challenges the home’s overall integrity. While clearing snow from your roofing in Edmonton is a fact of life, you should also be aware that ice and snow can cause serious damage to your property.

Here’s what Edmonton roofers advise homeowners about how snow and ice can impact your roof.

Snow and Ice Add Too Much Weight

One reason most Edmonton roofing is sloped and not flat is to encourage snow to slide off and prevent snow and freeze from collecting and adding too much weight.

Added stress from snow accumulation challenges a roof’s health over time, leading to leaks, mold, ice dams, and even collapse.

Persistent Cold Weather Causes Ice Dams

Ice dams are ridges of ice that form on the roof’s edges when snow isn’t cleared off the roof and is left to melt and rethaw throughout the season. If the snow and ice aren’t cleaned off, these dams can lead to major leaks and cause damage to the attic space and ceilings.

Icicles also add stressful weight to your roofing in Edmonton and should be cleared off the shingles and gutters after every winter storm to avoid leaks and dams from forming.

Ice dams form with time. Edmonton roofers explain that when warmer spring weather begins and cold nights persist, residents should watch for frozen accumulations on their roofs and have them removed right away.

Ice Dams Can Cause Leaks

If frozen buildup is left on the roof for too long, the melt can seep under the shingles and re-freeze, essentially opening leaks in the roof and eventually into the attic and the home’s ceilings. 

Roof leaks can cause extensive damage to the home’s structure, walls, and insulation. You’ll need to book extensive repairs from roofers in Edmonton if the problem isn’t addressed swiftly.

How to Keep Your Roof Clear and Healthy

If you’re experiencing winter storms or fluctuating freezing and thawing temperatures and notice buildup on your roof, it’s best to clear it off whenever there’s an opportunity.

Edmonton roofing that has been built to code is unlikely to collapse. However, the stress caused by frozen buildup can decrease the home’s integrity and overall health.

Different types of roofs can withstand different amounts of snow and ice weight. But in general, roofs should be cleared at least when more than 1 foot of snow and ice has accumulated.

If conditions are dangerous, use a snow rake to remove accumulated frozen buildup from your roof while you stand on the ground. Or, leave the job to professionals if conditions are snowy and icy and would require using a ladder.

Reach out to Edmonton Roofers

Homeowners in Edmonton, Alberta, can protect the longevity of their homes by working with experienced roofers in Edmonton to address problems as soon as they arise.

If you’re not confident removing snow or icy debris from your roof, reach out for help! Your local Edmonton roofers can help clean roofs and develop a seasonal maintenance plan.