7 Tips to Choose the Best Roofing Contractor in Edmonton, Alberta

Alberta weather can be unpredictable and roofing on Edmonton homes is the first defence against the onslaught of wind, blizzards, and hailstones. It’s in your best interest as a homeowner to choose reputable Edmonton roofers who will protect your asset and save you expenses down the line. 

Here’s how to ensure you get good service on roofing in Edmonton.

1. Local and Licensed

Local Edmonton roofing businesses won’t disappear and leave you with a badly-installed roof – check for a permanent local business address and a website. Local providers of roofing in Edmonton are familiar with Alberta-specific variations on the National Building Code, ensuring that your roof is compliant. Edmonton roofing businesses must possess a trade certificate or license recognized by Alberta and a City of Edmonton business license.

2. Established and Bonded

Established roofing contractors will be around to fulfill workmanship warranties and do repairs and will have a surety bond as required by contract law. If they don’t, keep looking!

3. Serious About Safety

Roofing in Edmonton is dangerous work. A reputable contractor will provide their employees with safety training and equipment and monitor that they are following procedures. They will remove old roofing material, debris such as asphalt offcuts, and nails that pose a hazard to your family and pets.

They will also hold at least $2 million general liability insurance against harm coming to your family or property and be registered with the Workers’ Compensation Board of Alberta.

4. Industry Associations

Reliable, ethical Edmonton roofers will belong to industry associations such as the Canadian Roofing Contractors Association and Alberta Allied Roofing Association and will have a high rating from the Better Business Bureau. HAAG certification is an indicator of quality regarding roof inspections and insurance claims.

If industry-leading manufacturers certify a contractor to use their products when roofing Edmonton homes, it indicates they will follow stringent installation procedures and offer better product warranties.

5. Reliable Record

Look at online reviews on Google Review, Yelp, Facebook, or Homestars, but beware: perfect five-star ratings across the board may be fake. Ask roofers in Edmonton for contact details of at least three past customers and whether they have a gallery of past work.

6. Ethics and Expertise

If you can speak directly with the owner, and they answer your questions straightforwardly, it’s a good sign. Also, evaluate whether they offer the services you need at a fair price.

7. It’s in Writing

Reputable Edmonton roofers will give you a written quote that lists labour and material costs, job specifications, project timeline (and contingency plans in case of inclement weather), and the agreed-upon price before starting work.

Edmonton roofing contractors may also partner with lenders to provide financing. A good company will provide you with the agreement in writing, so you can see what you are committing to.

In Summary

By evaluating whether contractors who install or repair roofing in Edmonton check these boxes, you can be sure of getting an ethical, reliable company that will do excellent work for a fair price.